Alkis Raftis was born in Athens, in 1942. Both his parents and other members of his family played
leading roles in the Resistance during the Nazi occupation. He speaks 6 languages and holds degrees
from 4 universities (engineering, sociology, political sociology and management) in Athens and in Paris.
After being a senior executive in multinational corporations, he served as professor at universities: Patras
School of Engineering, Paris-Dauphine and Paris-Sorbonne. He has taught at 4 universities and has lectured
in another 14. He served as vice-governor of a national bank, and finally decided to concentrate on dance.

    He has carried out ethnographic research on traditional dancing in villages, historical research on Greek
dance since antiquity, and an investigation on dance in world art and poetry. Prof. Raftis is considered the
leading authority on dance in Greece since the Antiquity, as well as on dancers around 1900 such as Isadora
Duncan and La Belle Otero. His Dance History Gallery series is considered the most valuable tool for dance
historians. He is currently working on the history of dance in the Eastern Mediterranean before 1900.

    He has authored more than 20 books on dance, culture and management, and more than 100 articles. He
has edited 30 books, 11 CD-ROM volumes, 6 CDs, 2 DVDs and a bi-monthly review with over 110 issues.

    Dr. Raftis is currently president of the International Dance Council CID at UNESCO, Paris. Since 1987 he
is president of the national Dora Stratou Dance Theatre and Company in Athens.