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William Henry Bartlett was trained as an architect, but became a prolific print illustrator, who contributed to a remarkable number of engravings during his brief career.

Exceptionally, W.H.Bartlett travelled to all the places he drew, unlike many of his contemporaries who worked up their pictures from sketches by others.

As a special offer I will be supplying Bartlett genuine antique prints in a handsome frame without extra charge.. If you have any connection in Canada or  the USA. And would like to get a genuine Antique Print (1840) by W.H. Bartlett (Hand Coloured) of your town or surrounds, or that of a friend. I might be able to supply same. Just send me an E-mail to and I will check my inventory and let you know what is the nearest town/view to your request.

Port Hope, Ontario

         Village of Lorette nr. Quebec (Can.)              Prescott from Ogdensburg Harbour (Can)


Mt Jeffrson from Mt Washington (USA)                 Thr Genese Falls Rochester (USA)

Size (Framed) 11" X 9 1/2"

Price inc Frame $85


Marc Chagall was a French painter born in Russia. His family was Jewish and of very modest means, and he was raised in a ghetto. His mother encouraged his art and struggled to get him into a St. Petersburg art school. In 1910 he journeyed to Paris to be closer to what he considered to be the 'meca of art'

Here are a few of his lesser known works all signed in the plate and produced in 'fine' quality

(1) The Poet Reclining 24 1/2" X 29 1/2"


(2) Dos Rote Haus (The Red House) 23 1/2" X29"


(3) "Bouquet"(with basket of fruit) 20 1/2" X 25 1/2"


(4) Les Fleurs Bleu 1887 25" X 32 1/2"



(5) & (6) Madonna and Christus 15" X 40"

$480 the pair



Horse Dealing #1 Drawn by B.Scanlan Engraved by J Harris

(Hand Coloured)

Published by Ackerman of London 1841

Horse Dealing #2 Drawn by B.Scanlan Engraved by J Harris

(Hand Coloured)

Published by Ackerman of London 1841

These 2 engravings measure 23" X17 1/2"

Priced at $125 each



Kennington Gate

The Cock at Sutton

The Lord Nelson Inn At Cheam

These three engravings were originally published by Ackerman

in 1838 Paintd by J.A. Pollard and engraved by J.Harris

(Hand Coloured)

In perfect condition size 24" X 18"

Priced at $150 each


Hyde Park Corner the Wellngton Arch

The Horse Guards Parade

Westminster Abbey

These three charming studies of London by Sevilla Saez

are 21" X 18" They are in Perfect condition

Priced at $75 each



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