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Yona B. Chock and –--.    

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2014.  The Ethnobiology of Pre-Globalization Hawaiian Feather Cloaks and Capes.  Oral presentation at the 55th meeting of the Society for Economic Botany and 37th annual conference of the Society of Ethnobiology, Cherokee, NC (attendance cancelled because of wife's back surgery on May 9, 2014).

Editorial Experience:

Hawaiian Botanical Society Newsletter:  Founding Editor (1962-63 and 1966).

Federal Plant Quarantine Inspectors' National Association [FPQINA; now NAAE] Newsletter:  Editor (1963-64), Contributing Editor (1964-65).

Ka Nupepa, Hawai‘i State Society of Washington, D.C. [HSS]:  Editor (1968-71), Contributor (1971-75).

FAO Plant Protection Bulletin (E,F,S):  Chairman, Editorial Committee (1976-78).

The Arbors Newsletter, Editor (1994-2006).

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