Lois Crespi Memorial Cookbook

Collected by Ruth Werner

My grandmother Lois Crespi died on June 21st, 2005.  She was 104 years old.

This is a collection of Gramma Lois' favorite recipes.  She gave me her recipe box about six months before she left us.  She wanted to know that her tradition of cooking great meals for family and friends would be passed down.  I think she would have loved the idea of a family recipe album.


When you cook these recipes, think of Gramma Lois and what a wonderful person she was, in so many ways.  Not many people are remembered when they are gone.  If anyone in this world deserves it, it is she.  It is perhaps the only immortality anyone will have.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit my tribute to Gramma Lois.



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