began 07/25/2013

"My words are here, for you to listen to.
My servants speak in my tongue, in my language,
living swords of fire that pierce to the heart and soul.

My mouth is made visible at dawn,
as the morning star rises over the last day in the week of creation,
so that,
in preparation for the sabbath,
the knowledge of I AM will fill the heart of mankind.

My light will fill the earth as the waters fill the seas.

Look! I, Reality, have done it,
because I am coming down out of the heights,
to make my home around you!

I am stepping down out of my temple,
and bringing the set apart city to rest on earth.

I have removed the veil,
uncovered the candle on the hilltop,
so that the true light may flow from Mount Yerushalayim.

The latter rain will fall on those called by my name.
The fountain of life will be opened up on the summit of the kingdom,
both in the physical and in the spiritual.

I have opened my mouth, and ceased my silence,
that all may hear the echoes of my voice.

The mouth of the trumpet will open from the heavens,
and its sounding will crescendo into infinity.

My voice will resound within the earth,
within the cosmos, and within the heights.
All will hear my voice, and those who resist will be shattered.

They will be consumed from the inside out,
as my light begins to shine within.
I will be uncovered within you!

My fountain is opened,
that you may drink of the dayspring,
that he and I may overflow from your vessel.

A river of living water has been poured out of the throne,
and in the middle of him stands the tree of life.”

- says the spirit of Truth

Hear the voice of YHWH, the word of the true Light,
a blessing of the outpouring of the Spirit in the last days



"You will learn the nature of the mouth of the trumpet,
for in Sarah Young is the mystery of all prophecy made clear:
She does not know she has spilled streams of living water from my mouth,
nor that words spoken in the Spirit are words from God."

- says the Spirit of truth, who pours out inspired utterance,
overflowing from the hearts he lights


My Letter to the Prophets

"Thus says the Lord, to those who claim to hear his voice...

Hear the word of my mouth.

If I have sent you out into the world to blow the trumpet,
shall you not all blow a harmonious song?

Shall there be any conflicting notes?
Shall we have a battle of words, my prophets?

Shall one claim to the other what he believes is my word,
while the other opposes him, the kingdom divided?
Let it not be so!... for this is not of my one truth.

Therefore come together, under the head,
that I may teach you all I have for you,
even the joy I have prepared for you.
For in this are you made full in strength,
and you will run and not grow weary,
and you will not faint, but fly…

My right hand lifting you up on eagle’s wings.

You know not of the I AM’s infinity,
for it is far beyond your comprehension,
being the image of Who I Am.

Yet I shall reveal the Mystery to you before the time,
and give you ears to hear and eyes to see,
if you ask in willing faith, trusting in truth.

As my servant Moses you will see my face,
and perceive the form of I AM.
I will shine my light upon you,
and illuminate you from within,
bringing the full fruit to bear,
restoring my temple.

I will remove unbelief from you,
the lie that I am not Who I Am,
even the one lie of the error of the morning,
in which the light was removed from its lampstand,
darkening the creation into the night.

Yet, as I live, so does my Day come.
For I am not slack concerning my promise,
that My children will forget the shame of their youth,
their hearts moving from the house of sorrow to the house of laughter,
filled with my joy in the eternal, where I dwell…
The creation their playground.

Therefore come, and incline your ear to what I have poured out,
revealing Who I Am to you, within you, breathing into you...

For this is my blessing of the outpouring of the Spirit, in the age thereof.

The restoration of life to the creation,
the rending of the veil covering the set apart place,
the illumination of the temple with light,
restoring it to oneness in me.

For I am the cornerstone,
the foundation of the rock,
and on me are you built.

Yet in the darkness you step out into the shifting sands,
leaving the kingdom as you rebel from me.

Therefore return to me,
and I shall make you an everlasting pillar of fire,
sealed in the eternal temple of my Name.

Hear what I have to say to the churches of men:

My light is removed from them, for they do not know the Way,
for they seek after that which they do not know,
having one foot in the world and another in the kingdom,
pulled apart between my hand and the world’s,
between the light of life and outer darkness.

This will not continue!
For I am the dividing sword of truth!
I will make all things known as I shine the light,
and my testimony will be made clear!

All will be restored to me,
and that which will not will be blotted out.
For I purpose union of all things,
restoration to the source,
illumination by the light.

For I despise darkness,
and this 6,000 year Night which has harmed my children,
weighing heavily upon their hearts,
even until their pulse ceases,
the breath of life no longer beating within them.

I purpose life,
for this is what I created in perfection.
Therefore I bring the restoration thereof,
splendor shining out the darkness.

Prophets, this is why you must come together in me…
You must be one testament to the nations, declaring Who I Am.

Even the bride must be so,
but how much more those who claim to speak for me!
Therefore I have sent one out into the wilderness, among wolves,
to calm their hearts and set them as sheep before the shepard,
submitting in humility to me and learning from my wisdom,
drinking from my fountain of knowledge,
that I might be made full in them,
my light shining brightly to the world.

Come, under one roof of the temple,
into one Name and one purpose,
that I may be clear to the nations.
Sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron,
revealing all I have spoken within each of you.

Yet trust only in me; trust in no man.
Hear my word from within your heart,
in the Secret Place where I have written it.
For I have hidden it from the eyes
of those who call themselves wise,
giving it unto the humble to confound the proud.

I shall lead you along the Way,
bringing you into Splendor with me,
the eternal dwelling place,
Where I Am.

This is my letter to the prophets."

- says the spirit of truth to those who speak in his Name