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Scholarship Program for Meritorious Students in Jhenidah Town Area.

01.  The Criteria for offering the Scholarships are –

§         Regular school going students of Jhenidah Sadar Upazilla.

§         The students whose parents are incapable to meet the expenditure of education.

§         The students must be as brilliant as possible.

§         The quality of performance regarding school going & learning must be upgrade day by day.

§         Attitude & behavior must be moderate.

Scholarship is offered based on academic results, Family income and Recommendation from the Head Master and a second teacher of same school.


02.  This program is running through a strong committee. The committee members are -

§         Executive Director, ALIVE

§         Upazilla Education Officer, Jhenidah

§         Deputy Director, Social Welfare, Jhenidah

§         One Headmaster of Secondary School, Jhenidah

§         One Principal of College, Jhenidah

Initially a general notice published to each educational institute of Jhenidah Sadar seeking application for scholarships. The poor and brilliant students apply through the authority of their institute. Then the committee short-listed and calls an interview. All the activities finalized with the common decision of all board members.  ALIVE ensures good selection process by close communication with the Headmasters of participating schools and local people who knows about the families of the students.


03.  Will the scholarship continue until the student passes their HSC?

Yes. Our plan is to build work force for the future generation from these boys and girls who will be able to help themselves, their families and give back to the society.

The scholarships program has started with the view of long term goal. Initially we are giving scholarships to four students with aiming up to HSC level. If possible we will provide scholarships up to undergraduate level. But availability of fund is the main constrain.

04.   Commitment from the parents that they will support their son/daughter to continue their study until they pass the HSC exam.

We are providing scholarships to those students whose parents are dedicated to educate their child and we received commitment letter from their parents that they will support their child for educating and they will not create any problem to go to the school.


05.  Bank Account for the ALIVE scholarship project.

Here Bank account can be open only by using organizational name or individual person name but not a project name. So a separate bank account has been opened for the operation of the scholarship program. This account will be used only for scholarship program purposes. Complete bank statement of this account will be published in ALIVE website. The statement will also be provided to the donor when requested.  

06.  Include the student's parents status and what they do

Details of each of the students currently receiving scholarships are updated in Current Scholarship page:


    07. How much would it require to sponsor one scholarship?

Level of Student

BDTk per month

Dollar amount to sponsor


1000 Tk/Month 

$1500.00 Continuously Sponsors One Student of XI-XII


800 Tk/Month   

$1200.00 Continuously Sponsors One Student of IX-X


600 Tk/Month   

$1000.00 Continuously Sponsors One Student of VI-VIII


8.  Current status and Future Target.

 Now we are giving 1000BDT /month to the HSC level student. For students in IX-X are given 800BDT/month. But there are many more brilliant students who are potential but their pursue of eduction is not possible due to inability of their families to support their education. This year ALIVE received almost 200 qualified applications out of which at least 50 students are meritorious and fulfills ALIVE's scholarship criteria. Due to limitation of funds we are providing scholarships to only 10 students. Our target in this regard is to provide scholarship to 50 students.  The money needed for the scholarship program is-

Level of student

No. of students

Unit cost, BDT/Month

Total, BDT/Month