Edamame Cakes with Soy Drizzling Sauce

Edamame Cakes with Soy Drizzling Sauce (A Little Bit Crunchy A Little Bit Rock and Roll)

(Recipe from Mark Bittman)

Edamame Cakes Ingredients:

2 c. shelled frozen edamame

1 T. sesame oil

1 egg

salt and pepper

whole wheat flour (as needed, see below)

brown rice (for serving)

Soy drizzling sauce ingredients:

1/4 c. soy sauce

1 T. rice vinegar

1 T. sesame oil

1 tsp. sugar

1 tsp. fresh minced garlic

1 tsp. fresh grated ginger 


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Add the frozen edamame and cook for 5 - 10 minutes, until tender.  Drain and run under cool water. Reserve some of the cooking water.

2. Pulse the edamame, egg, sesame oil, salt, and pepper.  Do not puree.  Add a touch of whole wheat flour to thicken or a touch of the reserved cooking water to thin.

3. With an ice cream scoop, scoop up about a 1/2 cup and form into a patty.  Cook in a skillet coated with a little bit of vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil.  Cook about 4 minutes per side.

4. For the sauce, mix all the ingredients together in a container with a tight fitting lid.  Give it a good shake.

Serving Suggestions:

Serve the edamame cakes over brown rice with a drizzle of the sauce.