About Alitstar

Alitstar was created to reach friends from all over the world to help answer and explore this new madness called the law of attraction. How does our ancient believes and science (quantum physics) can combine to manifest what we think about, into form.
The subject was made famous from the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' in 2004. And since the movie The Secret in 2006, more such subjects has resurfaced. From the birth place in the U.S. and Australia, many more organization's and individuals has jumped into this band wagon producing and marketing numerous self help publications.
If this law is so powerful that it can absolve all suffering, cure greed and provide peace, then it is the right of every human being to have them. This site will draw the knowledge, from various experts and offer them to everyone and anyone as a service to mankind, where permisable free of charge.
Should you have any material to contribute, feel free to send them to the administrator.There are a lot of free e-books posted here. Please explore, download, read, learn, practice and enjoy. You need not buy another self-help book again, as most of the answers and resorces are here. Its all about the law of attarction, ask, feel, believe and receive. The materials provided here are more than enough for you to master the law of attraction.
Secondly, this site will also explore and disclose what believed to have been the cause of the current economic recession. The credit crunch that we are facing now are speculated to be caused by the news of a possible 'end of time' which is expected to take place on the 21st December 2012.
Scientists, researchers and economist are uncertain what the future holds. The preparedness and development of mankind in contrast to the 2012 end of time, as forseen by the ancient Mayans.
Contrary to the latter, this subject is posted on this site to encourage the majority whom believe 2012 is a new begining to mankind.
These followers believe that mankind's DNA is about to get an upgrade. We will be able to raise our awareness, have a more powerful mind and begin to appreciate life. We are moving towards a golden age.
The fact remains that earth will continue to evolve and all living things will evolve together. The universe and all things in it is about vibrating energy in various frequencies. Therefore it is perfect to merge these two subjects here, in pursuit for an answer, as the future begins now.
AlitStar is a private, unfunded site, accumulating information on the two subjects and expsosing them to those who need it, unconditionally free of charge. Materials posted on this site are complimentary from authors printed therein.
The administrator had purchased or subscribed to several publication and on-line organizations on subjects related and nonrelated, uploaded the all legal, licensed material as a gift to friends and vistors to this site. 
Administrator:       AlitStar
Gender/Age:         Male, 48
Location:                Malaysia, Subang Jaya
E-mail:                    alithome@gmail.com