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Photos: Alissa Sorenson

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Photos: Kristen Marek

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Kid Creativity Shines at KidzArtz!

They walked on stilts, sold crocheted bags, recited poetry, danced and created masterpieces from recyclables-- kids did it all at last Saturday's KidzArtz event. Junctionview Studios in Grandview Heights was filled with the arts, crafts and performance talents of Central Ohio's youth. This day of fun and creativity was organized and sponsored by local organization Mother Artists at Work and co-sponsored by the Couchfire Collective.

Over 60 kids displayed visual arts ranging from serene oil paintings of swimming fish to expressionist splashes of color to 3-dimensional sculptures made from found objects. The approximately 200 KidzArtz visitors and participants were also given the opportunity to purchase an array of arts and crafts from more than 20 kid vendors. Homemade lip gloss, weird creatures, and giant hula hoops were some of the fare offered. Kids took to the stage and treated the audience with artistic films, rock songs, African drumming and dancing, violin playing and more. Just about everyone was amazed at the stilt-walking troupe with the Grimaldi Circus who were among the performers.

11 year old Ryan, whose art piece sold at the event, said he “basically loved everything” at KidzArtz. He is already planning what he wants to submit to the show next year. Susie Collins, who attended KidzArtz to see her two grandsons' arts and crafts, observed that this is “a wonderful opportunity for kids to have their art seen, appreciated and feel success.” Her husband, Otto Collins added that “It sure speaks to the enthusiasm and creativity of these kids that they'll be inside on a 90 degree day when they could be at a pool or in the A/C gaming on their Playstation.”

KidzArtz participants expanded their talents during demonstrations offered by adults and kids throughout the day. Some sewed their own sachets with AmyD and others were given a behind-the-scenes look at online computer animation from Zach of who is 13 years old. Still others sang and danced along with Joanie Calem on the guitar.

This day of creativity also benefited two Ohio organizations. Food and money donations from a raffle of Prizm art store gift certificates were given to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. 173 meals for Central Ohio families will now be provided because of the generosity of KidzArtz attendees. Proceeds from the sale of lemon ice, donated by Denise's ice cream, will assist Camp Rachel of Northern Ohio. KidzArtz contributors include the following businesses and organizations: Litech Lighting, Northwest Eyecare Professionals, Denise's ice cream, Prizm, and Trader Joe's.

If you missed this year's KidzArtz event, you can start thinking ahead to KidzArtz '09! Date and registration information will be posted at in January 2009.


By Amy Phillips-Gary



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