Brief Biography

Alison Boland has been making movies ever since the Apple company accidentally sent her family an upgraded CPU with editing software and AV inputs in 1994.

While attending Hampshire College from 2003-2007, Alison created a collection of experimental and narrative shorts focusing on subjects such as cultural memory, modern history, nomadic lifestyles, german architecture and the tumultuous experience of growing up. 

After receiving her BA in Filmmaking/Cultural Studies, Alison continued making short films that documented her travels and cross-cultural experiences while living in Chicago, Berlin and Shanghai.

In 2008, she returned to her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas to focus on filmmaking and improving her technical expertise. During this time, she worked closely with Brandon McClinton to produce a series of narrative shorts based on the content of real Missed Connections ads from their local Craigslist.

From 2009-2012, she took a brief hiatus from filmmaking to serve in the US Peace Corps in Mongolia. During this time, she worked as an English teacher, community-organizer, teacher-trainer and non-profit manager. Through her service as a volunteer, Alison discovered a hidden passion for public service and a deepened commitment to cross-cultural understanding.

Alison is currently working on her MFA in Film and Media Production at the University of Texas at Austin. Her work is focused on promoting social change through increased awareness of others.

She believes in the possibility of peace, the necessity of compassion and the importance of good listening. She speaks Mongolian and German fluently.

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Alison Boland: The Early Years