I am an urban ecologist trained in ecological genetics and evolutionary biology, with research interests in plant diversity and local adaptation, population genetics, history of ecology, and novel urban ecosystems. I teach undergraduates at University of Chicago (mostly majoring in Environmental and Urban Studies) through the Program on the Global Environment

I am smitten with the Calumet region. I live to tromp through the hidden places between railroads and steel mills and am inspired by the tough flora that thrive in novel ecosystems. The history of land use in this region tells the story of humans, industries, and cultures, and teaching in the Calumet Quarter is a highlight of my biennium. 

As a volunteer, I have developed and manage a stewardship program at Rainbow Beach Dunes, the nature area at Rainbow Beach Park (Chicago Park District). I am an advocate for natural areas in the Calumet region and a member of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative team and the Dunes Learning Center's Board of Directors. I monitor rare plant populations for Plants of Concern

I have a history of successfully obtaining funding for research, coordinating and managing large multi-faceted projects, and facilitating success of scientists, physicians, and environmental leaders in training. I am especially interested in organizations and projects that provide science-based solutions and I consult on projects related to urban ecosystems, restoration ecology, sustainable building and development, green infrastructure, urban greenspace, and the history of ecology.