I am a scientist broadly trained in ecology and evolutionary biology, with a research focus on genetic basis of adaptation to a changing environment. I have a history of successfully obtaining funding for research, coordinating and managing large multi-faceted projects, facilitating interactions between scientists and non-scientists, and presenting science to a wide audience.  I am especially interested in organizations and projects that seek to provide science-based solutions in education, policy, conservation, sustainable development, and urban ecology.

I am smitten with the Calumet region. I teach Topics in Calumet Ecology as part of the Calumet Quarter at University of Chicago. See more about the CQ in 2014 and 2016

I have developed and manage a stewardship program at Rainbow Beach Dunes, the nature area at Rainbow Beach Park (Chicago Park District). I am an advocate for natural areas in the Calumet region and a member of the Calumet Stewardship Initiative team. I monitor rare plant populations for Plants of Concern.

I consult on projects related to urban ecosystems, restoration ecology, sustainable building and development, urban greenspace, the history of ecology, and green infrastructure.