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Ali Skalli

B.S. Electrical Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (Swiss Federal School of Technology)



This site shows some of the magic squares built with a methematical method I have invented, which is an analytical method (non iterative), based on simple matrix computation. The method can also be applied to build magic cubes, and may be extended to build magic structures in more than 3 dimensions. My method offers endless possibilities.

Number geeks should find this interesting and entertaining. I have not published my method yet, and will not disclose it on this site. Nevertheless, I present results here that were not conceivable so far without iterative algorithms.

The mystery of famous magic squares such as those from Dürer, Gaudi, Benjamin Franklin, and many far more complex ones is lifted. Magic squares can no longer be connected to mystification and esoterism, and are brought back to mathematical formalism. This will be exciting to fans of mathematical curiosities, professional mathematicians, computer scientists,and even physicists or engineers. 

My method will be presented in a publication for which I am currently seeking a publisher, or in the scope of a university research.

Contact me with your questions, comments, or proposals.


 write me: ali.skalli.gva@gmail.com


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