Alisha Serving At

       Rancho Sordo Mudo

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of  what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1 



1st & 2nd Grade Class of


(Left to Right)

Alfredo, Yahaira, Isai, Julissa, Edith Marisol, Monica, Jose Antonio

 Izzy, Me, Marvella, Ulises, Cecilia




"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ"...

                                  These kids are one of my spiritual blessings!


 Rancho Sordo Mudo Teachers 2007-2008

Brittany( 1st grade), Dakota(Kindergarten, Gaby(3rd & 4th grade, Me(1st & 2nd grade) & Lucas( Junior High)





Hearing Everett

This is the title of the film being made of the Ranch story. As of now I have been filmed with my class and will be in the movie coming out next year. Please visit the website and enjoy the trailer. The following shots are from the end of last school year when they were filming the trailer!





Indepedence of Mexico



My class acted out the history of how Mexico became independent on Spetember 16th. Every holiday we take a break from school and a different class presents the history along with fun games.


Shoe Day in Ensenada

A church in San Diego comes to the shoe store with the kids and help them chose two pairs of shoes, pays for them and then we eat lunch out with them. This has been a tradition for almost as long as the Ranch has been around!


The Same Day

My friends and I spent the afternoon walking around Ensenada waiting for a Youth Conference to start. I have went many times to this event, every time their are different musicians and speakers... yours truly brought her friends to a Rap concert.. who would have known the one month I bring friends it would have been rap, but really we did have fun though dancing with Rap music that glorified our Savior!


Mexican Sign Language Drama in Ensenada

September 29th we brought the older kids who are learning Mexican Sign Language to see an amazing drama with music and dancing, it was an amazing experience for all. It was the first ever deaf drama in a theater in Ensenada. The same week they had a march to get the attention of the government to hopefully get more help from it...a busy week for the deaf!


Columbus Day

October 12th

Lucas' Junior High class along with one of my students, Isai, presented Columbus Day and after we went on a scavenger hunt, the weather was perfect... Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. Jer. 32:17... isn't our God good! We woke up to a cold and cloudy morning and by the time we started the events it was beautiful outside!


My class and I Learning(yes, I am learning too!)

This is us having a great time learning. For the Month of October we have been learning the spanish word for different animals. These two days in the picture were the best I have ever had teaching. One dorm dad later commented to me that when he walked by our class he thought, "that is what learning is all about"! There were so many funky animals that God has made to see in the magazines!

Pictures starting from the top of my class

Prayer Requests:

Edith Marisol(13)-To respect and not be sassy

Jose Antonio(14)- Salvation and to improve with sign language & pay attention in school

Isai(9)-to be humble

 Julissa(14)- To not complain or argue, to control her anger

Ulises(9)- To become a hard worker ( he's the definition of lazy)

Yahaira(12)- self-control, to understand math, respect

Izzy(11)-Obedience, a desire to be kind and good

Monica(16)-a better understanding of sign language, respect, acceptance of her level( she's 16 in 2nd grade)

Marvella(14)-to have a humble response when she is wrong, respect

Alfredo(14)- To not respond with anger and tear up his paper, to not shut down when he is wrong, to take his focus off girls and put it on school.

Cecilia(15)- Understanding of everything in school, to respond right when she is wrong, to not have a negative spirit.

 Finally I am back to my webpage!


My Family at Christmas at the Ranch!

As Zack would say, "Because it is going to be the last time we have a family pictures, right!"


The same day we went on a great hike with Pastor Rob


Students gone home:

Jazmin-graduated elementary school and went home to help her family-she will be back for graduation ceremonies.

Jazmin was a great student in our sewing class and she quickly finished up her quilt before she left, we had so much fun in her last weeks hanging out and talking together.

Lizette-left us in December

she was very sick and we thought she could rest at home, but after arriving home the doctors found TB. For a month the Ranch was on quarentine until we all were tested three times and all test came back negative! Sadly though Lizette won't be able to come back to us becuase the medicine takes six months and by then she will be 18, the age limit for the Ranch. She was a very fun person to be with and is missed, but thankfully she lives ina  city where she will be able to study and pass exams and hopefully graduate Junior High.



This is a cool story, it starts out sad and has a very happy ending. Gerardo has been with us for less than a year. At Christmas his mom came to ask for help, her husband left her, she was diagnosed with cancer, losing her home, and had no money to pay for cancer treatments. It was sad, then for the Christmas drama she returned to see her son, that day after the drama she prayed to receive Jesus in her heart, no matter her situation she has Jesus and her face just shines! She needed to leave for a month and wanted her son with her, Gerardo has been gone for a month and hopefully will be returning soon, she promised!

 Gerardo returned in April and is doing well, just as stubborn as ever!


Alisha & Liz on a Women's Retreat

We were treated like queen's on feather beds at the Marriott in San Diego!

God really used this retreat to touch both of our lives. The Women at Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church were a huge blessing for us to treat us to this experience! We learned about the importance of forgiveness, not taking offenses, and that rest is a command from God!


  We ended meeting up with my parents who were coming for the week to visit me, a very pleasant surprise!


Some shots to let you experience the Ranch!


A spring near the Ranch that has bubbling water!

The poppies outside my bedroom window!

A painting done by God!


Art Contest Winner!

I won 2nd place for this photo!

Izzy & Guadalupe, don't they look angelic!


Marisol Finally Finished!

Marisol has been in our sewing class for two years now and hopefully will become a teacher's aid next year, her last year! Marisol's life story will be on the Ranch Movie, "Hearing Everett"!


Beth Moore Conference!!

All of us pictured, plus my Mom and my friends sister were very blessed to so to San Diego for a couple days to be blessed by God's Word through Beth Moore and hear great music by the worship team! Already the c.d.'s we bought are being put to use here for our church services. If you get a chance buy travis Cottrell's song, In the Sanctuary, amazing! And read Psalms 139, the theme for the weekend!



The Spelling Bee!

This was the best Spelling Bee I have been a part of, the kids really knew there words well! This will be the last year for ASL to be used, next year it is LSM!!


I didn't end up with shots of my class because I was signing to them, but here are two of the 1wst place winners, Ricardo & Marisol!

Life still happens during a Spelling Bee! "My back is killing me can you come give me a shot!?"

Pray for Luke ( our director) he hurt his back the day before.



Cinco de Mayo

Otherwise known as "Batella de Puebla" here in Mexico was a fun day of games, candy, and a skit. In this picture I am with Katie, our newest staff member as of Febuary! She is a delight to be with!

After the Skit we played team games to show the kids how the Mexicans fought as a team and that is why they won the battle at such great odds, 2,000 to 6,000 French!


The New School Year has begun!

before the kids even showed up the staff started having classes in Mexican Sign Language, better known as LSM! We had two wonderful teachers from Oregon, Eugene& Linda, who had been missionaries in Mexico for 12 years. They hope to soon return to Mexico and do mission work. They were a huge blessing for us all!








Horozonte Church in Ensenada

Two Sundays before the kids showed up, some of us staff went to Ensenada to have church with the deaf there. Carlos Suarez in the middle picture is the pastor and former student at the Ranch. I was very excited both times to see how God is using him with the deaf. The ministry is growing to the point of needing a new room!


The kids finally arrived( very slowly and some still haven't come!)And school started!


New teacher: Alisa-1st grade

My class getting ready for Independence Day

Gaby's 2nd grade class

                                                                                        Lucas' Junior high class


Once again my class acted for Independence Day!

It is a crazy time to do a play, the kids aren't disciplined because they are just coming out of summer time, but God performed miracles and they did great! I was very proud!

God is good and don't forget it!!!!!!!!


Finally...School & Class Pictures 2008!

Charlotte (co-teacher), Wendy, Miriam, Guadalupe, Armando, Jose Antonio, Alisha

Cecilia, Izzy, Ulises (and in November Yahaira will be coming)!



Rancho Sordo Mudo's answer to prayer

7 new students!

Angel, Fernando & Eduardo (brothers), Adrian