Vasya - please gmail alisamg any clues why he is no longer near 1000 E 300 S 84102

Getting the word out:  Vasya_flyer.pdf Vasya.ppt


16 March 2009 is the last time Vasya is known to have been home.  I left for spring break two days earlier for an amazing trip to Zion.  My roommate saw him last.  Vasya's description does not match any of those on DOE reports of animals hit by cars and I have not found him at the shelters.


Vasya has blue eyes like a clear sky and a distinctive spot on his back from fur that grew back dark after a wound healed.  

He is micro-chipped, neutered, up-to-date on shots and very loving.  Any clues to where he may be is greatly appreciated.

more photos:

photos of another lost white cat: