(A) About Me

I am currently a research scientist at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI) Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation. Under Taro Toyoizumi's mentorship, I study the principles of information processing in the brain with a focus on learning  in the neural circuitry underling adaptive behavior and higher-level cognitive functions. Specifically, I am studying efficient learning algorithms for chaotic recurrent neural networks. Neural network in the brain show learning and adaptation in the presence of persistent activity levels that have many signature of chaos. Success of deep learning in feedforward and recurrent network has raised question about the possibility that the brain maybe employing similar techniques, which once thought implausible. Current gradient-based approaches however cannot be used for learning chaotic network with on going activity largely due to dynamics of gradient flow in chaotic networks. My research focus is designing efficient algorithms that can train recurrent neural network in chaotic regime. 


I  was a PhD student in computer science at UNM. I completed my dual M.S. degrees in computer science and systems science at Portland State University. My main focus of study has been Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), in particular modeling unconventional computing paradigms. The topic of my M.S. thesis was
 application of machine learning, reconstructability analysis, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), and Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) in the study of adaptive behavior in complex systems in the context of Alan Turing's "unorganized machine" and Random Boolean Networks (RBN). Recently, my focus has been on the theory and application of computing with excitable dynamics (reservoir computing and echo state network). I developed a closed-form training method for the reservoir that does not require the simulation of the reservoir on an input signal. For my PhD I will demonstrate the application of this method on signal processing using DNA (for biomedical applications), and self-assembled nanowires (for neuromorphic applications). My latest research present exciting opportunities with the merger of reservoir computing and deep learning for temporal tasks. 

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Email address:
     alireza.goudazi at riken.jp
Mailing address:
    Alireza Goudarzi

    Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation

    RIKEN Brain Science Institute

    Hirosawa 2-1, Wakoshi, Saitama, Japan 351-0198

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Me at a Glance

Research Interests

Theory of neural networks in time-series analysis and control, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, optimal control, contextual learning, learning theory, complex adaptive systems, information processing in complex systems, unconventional computing.

Academic Career

  • Research Scientist, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, 2016-
  • Research/Teaching assistant, University of New Mexico, 2012-2016
  • Research/Teaching assistant, Portland State University, 2009-2012

Awards and Grants

Assistantship Positions

Journal Referee

GeoPlanet: Earth and Planetary Sciences, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, Information Sciences, Evolutionary Computation, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology

Certifications and Professional Memberships
Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator with Messaging Specialization

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator with Security Specialization

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with Security Specialization

Representative Professional Accomplishments

  • Collaborated with the PGE smart grid project as Matlab and Java programmer, 2012.
  • Implemented high performance gpu-accelerated simulator for automata networks, Teuscher-Lab, 2011.
  • Extended Turing “unorganized machine” architecture to random automata networks for general purpose computing, Teuscher-Lab, 2010.
  • 3rd place research award winner in engineering, computer science, and mathematics track at Columbia-Willamette chapter of Sigma Xi, April 2010.

  • Content Management System for United Strategy Securities (ussinvest.com) as part of school summer training program at QuickWASP Ltd. (www.quickwasp.com), Summer 2007.

  • Survey on dynamic web applications using AJAX and FLEX as part of school summer training program at QuickWASP Ltd (www.quickwasp.com), Summer 2006.

  • Designed and implemented server virtualization and consolidation at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2006.

  • Implemented virtualization using VMWare GSX and ESX 3.0, 2006.

  • Implemented RSA ACE Server for Active Directory; integrated authentication using one-time password, 2006.

  • Implemented redundancy and clustering for RSA ACE server, 2006.

  • Trained system administrators at Orviss and Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004 – 2006.

  • Designed and implemented Microsoft System Management Server 2003 and Microsoft Operation Management 2005 at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2005.

  • Designed and implemented PKI and IPSec for secure mail and web servers using Microsoft Windows 2003 at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2005.

  • Exchange 2000 recovery at Central Bank of Iran, 2005

  • Designed and implemented collaboration solution for Orviss based on Microsoft Windows 2003 media services, Microsoft Exchange server 2003, Microsoft SharePoint Portal server 2003 and Microsoft Live Communication server 2005 and 2003, 2005.

  • Designed and implemented two-factor authentication and SSO using RSA SecureID at Central Bank of Iran and Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2005.

  • Migrated Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003 at Central Bank of Iran, 2005.

  • Migrated Windows 2000 network to Windows Server 2003 at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

  • Migrated Netware 6.0 servers to Windows Server 2003 at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

  • Secured Microsoft network at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

  • Migrated web server from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 web edition NLB cluster at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

  • Designed, implemented and configured DMZ with 2-way ISA 2004 firewall cluster at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

  • Designed, implemented and configured Kerberos protocol for multi-tier delegation of authentication and SSO for multi-tier web application at Agricultural Bank of Iran, 2004.

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Ph.D., Computer Science, 2016

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA
M.S., Systems Science, 2012

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, USA
M.S., Computer Science, 2011

Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus
B.S., Computer Studies and Information Technology, 2007