Section III: The Geographies of West Seattle

West Seattle is set off from the rest of the Seattle geographically, and this seclusion extends beyond geographics, influencing lifestyles and attitudes. […]For me, living in West Seattle means I have the best of both worlds: the security of a small town with the opportunities of a city.

            - Shannon Gaffney, West Seattle Resident1


    The following section examines four geographies of West Seattle: The Geography of (Dis)Connection, The Geography of Traversement, The Geography of Cityship, and The Geography of Escape.  Each of these sections exemplifies an instance in which the West Side simultaneously attempts to negotiate its relative isolation and its ties from and to the rest of Seattle.  This distinctive set of factors allows us to begin to understand West Seattle as a “place” all of its own, and to see how a “unique sense of place” develops on the peninsula.

1. Eals (1984b), 9.