Further Research

Links to interesting and relevant websites


A link to an artist who has put in public art along the Duwamish River. I think that this may be an interesting contact for the artist, also perhaps a testament to the creativeness and craftsmanship that can be inspired when looking at the historical and cultural context of a location, specifically its geographic discourse. The work of Donald Fels can be viewed here.


A link to the tribes homepage, with relevant culture, history, tribe events, and contact information.


Link here to the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition's website, a source of information about the superfund site, and a place to contact those dedicated to cleaning up the river.


Kuow is a rich repository of stories from around the Puget Sound, including several oral histories

**A special thanks to UW Libraries Special Collections


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Thank You:

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. Thanks to our mentor Katharyne Mitchell, and to our partners at 4Culture Tina Hoggatt, and Tamar Benzikry-Stern who helped inspire and educate us about our task at hand. It was a difficult process of narrowing down our research, and keeping our focus, when their were so many tempting and delightful things to look at. This is the product of our research, and we hope it will be helpful in informing the selected soundscape artist.