Selected Cultural and Historical Geographies of the Greater Seattle Area


This project is a partnership between 4Culture, King County Metro and University of

Washington Geography Honors Students (the creators of this site) working to produce art for King County Metro RapidRide, a new bus service soon to be launched in selected locations in the Seattle Metropolitan Area.


Represented in the contents of this website are roughly 5 months of archival and field research on the areas through which RapidRide Lines A, B and C will run. To the right is a map of the 6 Rapid Ride lines and the areas through which they will run.


4Culture is the cultural services agency for King County providing programs, financial support and services in the arts, public art, heritage and historic preservation. As such, they contacted us to produce cultural and historical geographies of areas in which the various lines will soon be active to be used as supporting and informative materials by the artists they select for the project.


Through collaborative meetings with 4Culture representatives, we were able to focus our research on topics that both interested us and could be useful to the artists.


We have created a body of work through which 4Culture’s selected artists, will gain unique perspectivesof the cultural geographies of area.


This project will also (and perhaps more importantly) serve as a conduit for public scholarship - providing a "town-gown" connection that will afford private citizens the opportunity to see some of the quality work their tax dollars are funding.



We would like to extend thanks to Katharyne Mitchell, our mentor, as wells as Tina Hoggatt and Tamar Benzikry-Stern at 4Culture for their support and patience throughout this process.


King County Metro's RapidRide Lines

Map Courtesy of King County Metro