How Did Lincoln's Moral Philosophy Influence His Decision Making as President?

 Questions to Consider:
What was the nature of Lincoln's faith? 
Did it change over the course of his lifetime and if so, how? 
Did Lincoln believe in Free Will or was he a Determinist by nature? 
How did Lincoln reconcile his worldview with his political approach as President? 
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About A. Lincoln: Philosopher in Chief

     This Web site was written and developed by Mary Beth Donnelly in October 2013 as a final project for the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History's graduate course "Understanding Lincoln" taught by Professor Matthew Pinsker. 

A. Lincoln: Philosopher in Chief explores the moral philosophy of Abraham Lincoln and its influence upon his presidential leadership.  This Web site is intended  for educational purposes only, as a means to help students at the secondary level and beyond better understand the complexity of Abraham Lincoln, the man, as well as the many facets of Presidential decision making -- with respect to the Civil War specifically and American history in general.

 This project is "here dedicated" to Lincoln's wandering spirit and his lifelong quest to figure out his purpose on Earth.

    "...Not all those who wander are lost..." -J. R. R. Tolkien 

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