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A very nice and rare collectible stamps set issued in 1990,

 in commemoration of 1000th

anniversary of Ferdowsi,

the great poet of Iran

A complete set


 16 non-perforated stamps


Single set is 45 Euros

Block of 4 stamps set (64 stamps)

is 120 Euros


 Please don't hesitate!



25 stamps (5 sets)

 in commemoration of

1000th anniversary of Avicenna

issued in 1950

with beautiful paints of Iranian historical monuments

Single set is 75 Euros

(Picture shows 20 stamps only)




The History of

 Stamp Publishing in Iran


The stamps history in Iran goes back to more than 150 years ago in beginning of Qajar dynasty.

Iran government in Qajar dynasty became member of UPU in 1877 the 1st September.

UPU was established in Bern-Switzerland in 1875.

When Nasser al din shah, the king, return to Iran from Europe in 1865, he sent a delegation to Franc to negotiate with famous designers for stamp designing.

At first, the man named Rister provided the clichés and printed some stamps as a sample and presented to Iranian negotiators. But they were rejected.

Later the man named Albert Bar designed another samples and brought to Iran for approval.  This time his samples were accepted and published in four colors:

Violet (1 Shahies), Green (2 Shahies), Blue (4 Shahies) and Red (8 Shahies).

The design of those stamps were national Iranian government symbol that is a lion, sword and sun with a pear like which they are surrounded with circle. This was the first of Nasser al din shah, the king's stamps set the stamp publishing had continued in that dynasty with pictures of his successors life: Mozaffar al din Shah, Mohammad Ali Shah and Ahmad Shah.

Iranian stamps has classified in four parts:

1st part:  from 1868; Qajar dynasty.

2nd part: from 1925; Pahlavi the first dynasty (Reza shah, the king)

3rd part: form 1941, The second Pahlavi: (Mohammad Reza shah, the king)

4th part: form 1979, the Islamic republic of Iran.

We have now Islamic Republic Issues in this site.


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2009 Issues:

New Definitive set: 7500 Rials set, Fish 4.- Euro , 8.- Euro  

Martyrs, S/S, 2- Euro , 5- Euro 

Cooperating to Conserve Marine Turtles, S/S, 4.- Euro , 10.- Euro  

 New Definitive set: 1000 Rials set, Fish 0.8 Euro , 1.5 Euro  

تمبر جاری جدید 1000 ریالی سری دهم New definitive stamp Iran

  Iran - Cuba Joint stamp, 1.0 Euro , 3.0 Euro  

   Iran - Portugal Joint stamp, 2.0 Euro , 5.5 Euro  

 تمبر نوروز 1388 - عكس از شركت پست - New Year Stamp of Iran - pic from Iran Post site

New Year Festival (1388), 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  






 تمبر ستارگان دوكوهه - وبلاگ تمبرهاي ايران - Dokouheh Martyrs

The Stars of Dokouheh (Martyrs of War), 0.7 Euro , 2.0 Euro  





 Iranian National Satellite (OMID), 2.0 Euro , 4.5 Euro  

تمبر ماهواره اميد - وبلاگ تمبرهاي ايران Omid Satellite Stamp of Iran








تمبر روز پرستار - برگرفته از سايت شركت پست - Iran Nurse Day - Pic from IRAN POST site

The Nurse Day, 0.6 Euro , 2.0 Euro  







تمبر يادبود روز مادر

 Mother Day, 0.7 Euro , 2.5 Euro  






National Day of Export, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  

Iran- Tajikistan Joint stamp, 1.0 Euro , 3.5 Euro  


World Qods Day, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  

Mobarakeh Steel Plant, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  


10th ECO Summit in Tehran, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  





Gaza in Blood and Fire, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  


The Ancient "Burnt City" of Zabol, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  


The 80th Anniversary of Bank Melli Iran, 0.5 Euro , 1.5 Euro  






In commemoration of 30th Anniv. of Islamic republic of Iran Foundation, 1.0 Euro , 3.5 Euro  






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