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5000 Rials Commemorative coin on 50th anniv. of           5000 Rials Commemorative coin on the Holy Shrine    
     foundation of Central Bank of I.R. Iran                                                 of Ma'soumeh in Qom
co5000Rls.jpgcr5000Rls.jpg                       cr5000Rls.jpgco5000Rls.jpg

5000 Rials Commemorative coin on birthday of the         5000 Rials Commemorative coin on birthday of the        Imam Reza, the 8th Imam of Shia Muslims                               Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Iran 5000 Rials Imam Reza coin


The New 500.000 Rials Bearer Cheque of Iran (IRAN CHEQUE)

All current Iranian Banknotes and Coins are available.

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Standard Catalogue

 of Iranian banknotes

(English & Persian)

 New 10th Edition 2009

The Standard Catalogue of Iranian Banknotes (1888-2009), new edition is released. It is a multicolored and bilingual (English & Persian) catalogue and is the most comprehensive reference for collectors who are interesting in Iranian banknotes, professionally.

It's available for 20 Euro;

shipping (worldwide): 10 Euro


Standard Catalogue of Iranian Stamps

New Edition (2009)

Price: 25 Euro

shipping(worldwide):10 Euro


You will find a collection of Iranian Collectibles here and you can order some of your favorites that we had provided for sale at very low prices!     


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