Alina Bialkowski

Alina N. Bialkowski


The University of Queensland

Brisbane, Australia

✉ alina.bialkowski (

Machine Learning - Computer Vision - Signal & Image Processing - Data Visualisation

I am a Lecturer at The University of Queensland applying machine learning and signal processing to medical imaging and smart road monitoring. I work on developing interpretable machine learning models and XAI (Explainable Artificial Intelligence).

I've recently moved home after 2.5 years working in London at the University College London within the Attention Lab & Prism Group applying Machine Learning and Computer Vision techniques to Neuroscience research. My position involved the machine learning and modelling of attention for real world applications including autonomous driving. I developed computational models of visual information to better understand distraction, load and attention mechanisms in the brain. I also developed interactive visualisations of machine learning models to interpret and bring human understanding to the data.

Prior to moving to UCL, I received my PhD in the Speech Audio Image and Video Technologies (SAIVT) lab at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, where I also received a BEng (Electrical Engineering). My research was in characterising appearance and group behaviours to enhance statistics and visualisation in sports analytics as well as intelligent surveillance systems. I also spent a year at Disney Research Pittsburgh where I developed algorithms and tools to automatically analyse team sports.

I can be reached at alina.bialkowski (at and I am also on LinkedIn, and Google+.

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