Mehriz one of the ancient cities of Iran, is located in approximately 30 Km south east of Yazd. Yazd is the oldest adobe city in the world which is surrounded by the 4000 meters summit of Shirkuh and two majestic deserts of Iran, Dasht-e-Kavir and Dasht-e Lut.

According to historians, Mehriz is constructed by the Mehrnegar, beloved daughter of Anoushiravan Sasani, which was called Mehrijerd or Mehrjerd at that time. Mehriz, during the late Sassanid era (4th century AD), was known as a natural pleasant area. During that period, Mehrnegar, ordered the digging of some Qanats to provide water for its development. After gardens were developed, it was called "Mehrigard". This name was turned by the Arabs to "Mehrijard", and now it is known as Mehriz. Mehriz consists of one central district and a couple of separated parts some of which are Ernan, Bahadoran, Tangeh-Chenar, Khormiz and Miyankooh. The oldest traces of civilization are known to be in the Ernan part of Mehriz. Some believe that this place has the history of around 10000 years B.C. according to the discovered objects such as the rock painting. The other ancient place of this city is a mountain near the Madvar village, and its name is taken from the Laksia, one of the women who lived in the Achaemenid dynasty- the first Persian Empire (550–330 BCE). There is a spring which is originated from this mountain and the water comes out of the openings and holes of the rocks in this mountain. It is amazing when you see such a spring in the middle of desert! Most probably, the civilization was originated from this area due to its unique location; the excavations near this area proved this fact, though. The discoveries which is still not complete, includes an adobe building which is similar to an ancient religious house dated back to the Parthian Empire (Arsacid Empire)(247 BC – 224 AD). This building with the area of around 1600 square meters is known to be the first excavated site in the central part of Iran. Moreover, near this place and also near this mountain some cemeteries were found. If you look into the history documents you will expose to something like this as a description of the Mehriz “Centuries before Islam there was a city in this place which belongs to the era in which they put the tools of war in the graves of the dead people”.

The wired thing for me was the shape of these graves since it seems that at that time (?!) the people were buried vertically!

In summary, Mehriz is such a nice-historic place that you can see the areas in remembrance of prehistoric era (Gharbalbiz of Mehriz), the inscriptions written in stone dated back to thousands years B.C ( Ernan of Mehriz), and some mementos of the Islamic era. Although Mehriz is located in the middle of desert, you will find Cool (!!) Places and also some icehouses even in summer!

And here is a great poem describing Mehriz (I wish I could have been able to translate this into English!):