Blender Animation System FRI (Frequently Requested Improvements) Branch


Available in SVN from:

Currently, the following features have been implemented:

  • Choice of Quaternion/Euler Rotation for Bones - through Transform Properties panel and Ctrl R  (r17216)
  • Auto Keyframing works on changing values in Transform Properties (r17225)
  • Recentering of Meshes with ShapeKeys (r17227)
  • Per-Segment Interpolation of IPO-Curves (r17242)
  • Bone Roll Calculations Improved (r17259)
  • IPO-Editor Borderselect Ignores Handles (r17262)
  • Hide all handles in IPO Editor (17284)
  • IPO Editor - Toolbox (using SpaceBar) (r17319)
  • DopeSheet (r17347)
  • IPO Editor - Handles drawn as hollow circles (r17421)
  • Curent frame indicator shows frame number too (r17422)
  • Apply transforms to meshes with Shapekeys (r17514)
  • IPO Editor - Rotating/Scaling BezTriple with both handles selected works (r17524)
  • IPO Editor- Autosnapping for time-components of when transforming (r17538)
  • Joining meshes with shapekeys (r17550)


Things to expect in the future:

  • IPO Curves from Multiple Sources - this will require a major rework of the current IPO-Editor code, so may take a while
  • IPO Modifiers - a modifier stack for ipo-curves could support things such as 'generators' (using equations to define commonly used curves, cyclic stuff +extrapolation could be moved here (and with support for different endpoint extrapolation), etc.)
  • IPO Editor user-friendliness - transform issues (proportional edit), channel names on left for consistency, swapping of the edit curve/points order to make things easier to edit. alt-rmb as in Action Editor (toolbars + entry boxes will probably be left for 2.5 work which will hopefully have better defined ideas on how to accomplish this sort of thing...)
    • Experiment with an 'action-box' manipulator - define region, and modify stuff in region using the box (with handles + centerpoint)
  • NLA Editor Recode - 'tracks' that can act as 'animation layers' , multiple strips per 'track', ipo-curves to control blending and source-action 'time' per strip, remapping of motion based on name-matching, 'action' for object becomes more of a tweaking/override strip
  • Editable Bone Paths in the 3d view - details of how to do this have not been determined yet
  • Axis-Angle rotations for bones (I've made a patch which looked at a related method: spherical angles. saa_rotations_02.patch, however it appears that axis-angle representations have serious problem when angle is zero which is common case!)
  • Shapekey editing tools - fix up Join/Separate Meshes, etc.
  • Animated-Mesh Baking - 'bake' modifier that writes to Blender's own format, as well as pc2, other common formats too


Ideas to think about (not likely to be implemented for a while:

  • ShapeKeys as modifier
    •  Decouple shapekeys storage from parallel data to customdatalayers
  • "Tension Drivers" - automated driver setup  (arm stretch "insert tension value 0" arm bent "insert tension value 1"-> connect as shape Tension Driver)