Welcome to Alignment LPS

Alignment LPS is an emerging collaborative effort between the Lynn Public Schools and community-based organizations to coordinate community resources in support of student success.  We are currently undertaking our first collaborative ventures in the areas of family engagement and behavioral health education.
In pursuing this work, we are following some of the core principles and collaborative practices of the Alignment Nashville model, while tailoring our process and structure to meet the needs of our own community.
Please check back often to follow our progress as we build a new process of collaboration for the benefit of all children and families in our community. 

Alignment Team Updates 
Our new "School Success Series" of parent workshops will be kicking off at Ingalls Elementary next week and at Washington STEM Elementary later this month! 10-10-14

Upcoming Meetings 
All Alignment Team meetings are open to the public. 
Behavioral Health Education Alignment Team
October 14, 2014, 8:30 - 10:00 AM
Breed Middle School
90 O'Callaghan Way, Lynn, MA 01902
Family Engagement Alignment Team
This team is not regularly meeting at this time, but its pilot project of family engagement workshops is continuing in two schools with district support.