About Dr. Ali Ghalambor

Ali Ghalambor. Image credit: http://www.spe-laf.org

Dr. Ali Ghalambor’s immense contributions have made him one of the foremost figures in the oil and gas industry.  He has been recognized with the following distinctions: Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty, Production and Operations Award, Distinguished Service Award, and the Distinguished Member Award by the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

As a renowned petroleum engineer, Dr. Ali Ghalambor has delivered numerous technical presentations and courses throughout the world that discuss aspects of petroleum production such as drilling, well completion, well planning, and well integrity. His dexterity in his field led to the publishing of textbooks which are being used by many students who are taking up petroleum engineering in college, including "Natural Gas Engineering Handbook," "Well Productivity Handbook," and "Frac-Packing Handbook."

  Ali Ghalambor. Image credit: http://ipustak.blogspot.com

Dr. Ghalambor's books: