The Aliens of Science-Fiction

"You know, when I was your age, I used to dream about meeting a real, live alien." -John Crichton, Farscape

Greetings and welcome to Beyond Earth: The Aliens of Science-Fiction! I'm Silmarien Szilágyi, your professor for this class. As you've probably already deduced, we'll be learning about aliens--the extraterrestrial kind. Some of them are rather humanoid, while others are delightfully different and wonderfully wacky. The sources are television and novels, and all qualify as science-fiction.  As not every TV show or book is well known, I don't expect you to be familiar with all the sources, but I do ask that you keep an open mind.

This is a one-term class. The lessons will give as thorough a description of the aliens as possible, ranging from their biology to their culture, and will introduce notable members of each species.

This is a HOL-affiliated class. All HOL rules apply, and all lessons are G-rated. However, not all the sources are G-rated; they are marked accordingly in the "Sources" section.

Before you begin the first assignment, please read the "FAQs" section to learn important information about the class.

Send all questions/concerns to

Finally, have fun! I sure did while creating this class.

Picture: "Lost Spaceship" by Pavel Dedik