programming and mind control (part 3)

(august 10, 2010) i began to post about my second effort to "deprogram" myself on august 8, 2010. it's time i put down the second set of images. i actually don't recall the top one but it was the one "playing" when i became aware of what was going on. the image immediately turned into the photo of a very swarthy man with a heavily lined face. he had thick, black, wavy hair coming out of a brimless hat - like a peasant hat. he was very thin in the photo and dressed in a long sleeved red shirt. it was like a political photo with one hand raised to his chest and the other raised and angled away from the body. 

and just as i finished writing down the description, i realised who it was. Gaddaphi. 

i studied harder and the photo (which it was distinctly was because it had a white border) became another image. this time the background was a wide underground tunnel with concaved walls - and remember this was part of the retinal programming so if you're wondering where the extra detail came from, well it came with the programming. where this minor military base was, i don't know. i have only the words i caught as i was waking up enough to be aware of what was going on, which were something like "which the political leaders of angolia had [have] always known..." that was all i rememember of what sounded like a monologue. it was certainly monotone. it was the word angolia which caught my attention and that is where, if this underground base is real, it is. 

the tunnel wasn't white and there was a band of someting half way up that ran the length of the tunnel. and like they were cut/pasted into the image were three small groups of the so-called arcturians. grouped according to the colour of their skin - light tan, darker and almost brown. arcturian are typically seven feet tall, and this tunnel was two heads taller. but the perspective was wrong, which is why i say it was like they were photoshopped into a picture of the tunnel. 

like someone flicked the switch on a slide projection show, i was now in a corridor - which was white - facing a sliding door recessed into the walls. i had to push it open and it slid to the left, but you call hear the other piece which it locked into slide right. 

inside the scene was frozen, like a 3D photo you could walk into. and essentially that is exactly what it is, and i will explain the technology later. what was in this bare rectangular metal room was a bare rectangular table in the middle, lengthways (the door was located off-center to the right from where i was). at the table was seated a man whose name was Hunter. there was another leaning against the back wall with his arms crossed and giving the distinct impression that he didn't want to be there. he was Decker. on the other side of the seated man was four uniformed american military officers, standing close in a group, but not shoulder to shoulder like the so-called arcturians. 

as i said it was like a 3D photo you could walk into, and i did, observing their "frozen" state. then i noticed the camera lens in the angle where the wall meets the ceiling about a meter to a meter and a half (i am lowsy at guessing measurements). still as i stood beneath it, i wondered how it was that they didn't seem aware of it. their poses did seem "natural", like they were absorbed in the conversation they were having. but i didn't believe they should be. 

then, as i continued to look at the lens and back at those at the table, i noticed a glimmer or a sheen running lengthways corner to corner. i went back and stood next to the one against the rear wall and again looked at the lens, and then i saw it - there was a transparent 45 degree angle cornice running the length of the wall, and the camera was behind it. i looked up at the opposite wall and the same transparent looking cornice was there also. i immediately knew two things. if the room was real - as in reality really there, to those in the room that the cornices were metal and as solid as the walls, and that what they really were were holographic projections and the camera was hidden behind projection. they didn't know it was there. 

having concluded this, i again stood under the camera and looked up at the lens. this time i saw in the greyish glass of the lens the outline of a face. i wanted to see it, so minority report style i grabbed the image and put it on the wall, stretching the image to poster sized so i could see it. it was a plejaran. and it was a photo, not a 'live' image. but i knew there was more and i wanted to see it. the image of a plejaran turned into a photo of kuthumi, one of the calreisan oligarchy. but this was a still image - a photo - and not someone there that i recalled while they were programming me. there was only one other thing to do and that was to bring out the control sequence and face it. this i did. and i know that's another one in the chain broken. 

the 3D photo is pretty easy to explain. does anyone remember the vitual game "dactlyl nigtmare"? where you stood there with a helmet on your head and you uses a joystick to move around. it was chunky, in fact blocky to the extreme, but it was like you were really in there. just click on the link to for a reminder of what it was like - my "experience" in that room was just like that. it was a virtual room, and eveyone was frozen in the image because there is no technology in the universe which can make a virtual room look movie image quality. at best the block shapes are only 1/4 the size or resolution of the dactyl game. it would be obvious if anything moved that it wasn't real. why wasn't the cornices "solid"? because the servants which dutifully programmed the room into the computer would fed the data in exactly. but how do you put a holographic projection in a computer generated room that looks like a holographic projection? you can't. it just doesn't turn out right. 

that is why i, at first, saw the camera, and not the projection, and the occupants of that room didn't know the camera was there. but i was not there in "real time". how i could "move" around in the room can also be answered. i certainly wasn't in any condition to twiddle a joystick. but there would have been telepaths around me and one of them would be taking my mental prompts (like when i wanted that door to open) and moving the joystick accordingly. and i can tell you i never saw myself in that room.