jewism and the contract with "god"

i don't care who believes this or how vehemently it is denied. i'm writing it here because it is true, and i would pass the test on any lie detector i was strapped into.

beneath the temple mount there is a huge round room called SOLOMON'S HALL. on one part of that wall is a hook, but nothing in on the hook now, and beneath that hook carved into the wall in bass relief is a nine armed chalebra and the words in hebrew under that "here hangs the pelt of a god, brought low by the jewish kings". and in the centre of that hall is two solid stone tables, upon which rested a large heavy book each. if you stood before these tables (which are angled slightly towards each other), on the right was the oldest complete torah, and on the left was a copy. these books are large, bigger than can be held by one man. the right one, more graphic in detail than it's copy, is now missing. it simply disappeared off it's table.

under that room is another, also round but much smaller, which can only be entered by the round iron grate in the middle of the room. and in this room, on a stone pedestal was the TORAH OF EDEN. that, too, has now disappeared. it was the oldest and original torah in the world, and there was only that one. the plant the parchment was made from doesn't grow here on earth and it is written in a language forgotten, except on a translation stone. it is a bound collection of the detailed works of eden. and on it's first page is a contract PROMISING INHERITENCE OF THE EARTH and sealed with the spilt blood of adam.

the sanhedrin council of jerusalem expect to get it back but if so THEY ALSO KNOW THAT FIRST PAGE WILL BE MISSING. and without it, the contract is broken. the contract states, simply, that any race or tribe descended of adam has a right to make a claim against the contract BUT that only the purest race/tribe will inherit. without that first page, stained with the murdered adam's blood, there is no DNA and without that page and the blood on it the contract will not be upheld.

this is the reason behind all the genocides recorded in the old testament, and the careful recording of the mixing of bloodlines in the TORAH. more horribly, it is the reason behind the israeli sterilization of the ethiopic jews and their financing of turkey's genocide of the kurds of mount ararat. BECAUSE ADAM WAS TAKEN FROM MOUNT ARARAT, which means the isolated villages, who only intermarried more often than not in the village they were born in FOR GENERATIONS, are more "jewish" than the jews.

and the ethiopic jews were murdered for the same reason - and you may call the sterilisation of a people MURDER - their right to claim comes from the drop of ADAM'S BLOOD that runs through their veins (abram/abraham, direct descendant of adam, was ethiopian as was his sister sarai/sarah), and they too as a race rarely if ever married outside their own people. on top of that, their coptic bibles came closer to the truth than the torah, and the Holy Bible translated from it, that is PUBLICLY KNOWN. so they had to be murdered so that the truth of history died with them.

it is also behind the prideful boast recorded in the book of revelation. but now it will never happen.

*** the authority which took that book, having a greater understanding of what was contained in the torah of eden, has since refused to return that book to earth.