UFOs Identified: Aliens Are From Atlantis

Caught on video in 2009 near Kumburgaz, Turkey are two little grey abductors in their flying saucer.  Click HERE for raw footage. If this is real, then we must redefine our place in the hominin taxonomic scheme in relation to these creatures and their Atlantean creators. 

The Atlantis hypothesis suggests these creatures are bio-engineered clones created to perform tasks. These tasks include human abductions, communicative crop circles, and bio-harvesting cattle mutilations. The use of these creatures indicates Atlanteans do not want to interact with surface humans.

What other forms of bio-engineered creatures have Atlanteans created? Do human Atlanteans interact with us at all? Is the story of Valient Thor true? Click HERE for video discussing this possible Atlantean/Pentagon liaison.

Atlanteans are also referred to as Tall Whites, Nordics, Pleiadians, Minoans, Anunnaki, Pahana, Kachina, Jahu, Dropa,  Danuna, Sea People, Anak, gods, and other names throughout history and around the globe. "The name “Anakim” most likely means “long-necked,” i.e., “tall.” The Hebrews thought them to be descendants of the Nephilim, a powerful race who dominated the pre-Flood world. (Genesis 6:4; Numbers 13:33)" (https://www.gotquestions.org/Anakim.html)

"How many goodly creatures are there here!/How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in ’t" -- (The Tempest. Act 5, Scene 1)

Click HERE for an introductory video "Out Of The Blue" Disregard the Drake Equation. Elements F(i) and F(c) are total guess work. As natural selection is not teleological, we must not imagine our species' particular course of natural selection (which resulted in the ability to create symbol systems) being copied on another planet. This duplication would entail the exact reproduction of countless chance mutations.  Friends, the universe is not out there trying to become like us or communicate with us. Walker Percy and other theorists argue human symbol use is unique to human beings among all of the earth's species. Even if another planet can support life, using the earth's ratio of 1/5,000,000,000, there is a huge leap between Drake's F(l) and his F(i) in his equation. Our ability to create symbols may be unique in the universe:

“[T]here is a sense in which it can be said that, given two mammals extraordinarily similar in organic structure and genetic code, and given that one species has made the breakthrough into triadic behavior[symbolization or language] and the other has not, there is, semiotically speaking, more difference between the two than there is between the dyadic [non-symbolizing] animal and the planet Saturn.” (Walker Percy, Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book, New York: 1983, 97)

Walker Percy asserts here that Homo sapiens symbolificus may be unique in the cosmos. We know intelligent life evolved on earth. Why look elsewhere for an explanation of intelligently controlled technologically advanced craft?

Authorities in possession of evidence need to disclose. Knowledge is power. Power is security. Security is why taxpayers pay taxes. We do not pay taxes to fund an elite class of illuminated ones ruling over taxpaying masses who are kept in the dark and fed lies. ALL evidence needs to be released immediately. Disclosure is about improving our scientific understanding of who we are as a species.

Those who control the evidence are concerned with the military conquest of some surface humans over other surface humans. Generals are not paid to discover and disclose truth. War, not science, is their way of life. War enriches and empowers them. Lying is necessary for war makers.

We need truth telling scientists, not war making liars, to take control of and publish all available evidence.