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  alien platformstm tracking platforms for dobsonian telescopes & UFO & ROCKET lawn ornaments.tm

alien platform mounted with a orion dobsonian
alien platforms glow in the dark features will take on new interest at star partys or at home .  NEW! UFO lawn ornaments that light up at night! people will be blown away! when they see these ufo's spin at night! features built in solar lights and a large 48'' wind UFO with realistic features! these ufos will spin with the right amount of wind speed. the motor vehicle back window placement ufo will spin when side windows are down! the 13'' lawn ornament ufo's comes in 2 versions, a post mount for outside lawn setting up and a indoor home or a motor vehicle back window placement. the indoor or car placement mount has ball bearings also for spinning when using a fan pointed at the ufo's.please give information on paypal when ordering for a  lawn post mount 13'' ufo or a car- indoor mount ufo. also for the 13'' ufos they come in 3 colors- silver,gold or black. please put this information on your paypal order also, thank you!