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Welcome to my mod page.

Hispanõla is an action/puzzle/adventure singleplayer mod for
Half-Life 2.

You are alone on a big planet with no survivors, all killed by a virus.
You, as the only survivor are about to go on a journey to the Hispanõla, searching for your father, the designer of the Hispanõla.
The Hispanola, a 100km long ship floating on the endless sea with maybe the last human civilisation on earth.
When youve arrived on the ship you hear that your father has died.
Drowning in tears you are searching for your sister, she maybe know more about the death of your father.
When you have found your sister you found out that she is being threatened.
You have to save her, your journey begins.

I'm working on the first level for it.
The size of that level is about 10MB, so it's a big map.

The first level.











I'm also working on his own models.
I already have the melee weapon for Hispanõla.

Melee weapon.     (It is lowpoly as you can see.)











That was it for now.
I will keep updating this page if i have some new things.