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This is a biography of my life. ^^   

I was born at 5 September 1991 in Bodegraven at the Netherlands. I wasn't born in the hospital but i was born in my parents house. Here in the Netherlands you have a "peuterschool", which you can attend being 2-3 years old. I was on a peuterschool called "Bambi". I can remember some things of it, and that is realy weird. I was standing for a window looking outside to a church that was under construction. I think that was interesting when i was that age. I can remember one more thing though. My mother had to get my older brother from school and i was going with her. I was sitting in a chair on her steer. She parket the bycicle to the wall, but the bycicle was falling when she walked away. Well, when i was older i was going to the Primary school. I can remember a lot of things at there. But i think that that is normal. There is a school kamp at the last school piriot at the Primary school. But that kamp sucks for me. I was building a sort of bridge with wooden beams  with my friends. I wanted to go to the other site but that wasn't realy smart from me. Becouse is was walking under a wooden beam to cut of the path. But some smart guy pulled a wooden beam of our construction, so that thing felt on my head. So i was past out for a few minutes but i couldn't walk for 2½ day. And i still have that knock on my head. Then i was going to the middle school. But in the second class I contused my neck. I was snaring my shoes in the mainhall. There where some friends near me and one friend tapped me on my head. So my neck was contused. And that was so weird becouse it was only a small tap. When I went to the Third i had some sirieus accident. I like to bmx and to make tricks with it ofcorse. But when i maked a X-UP in the skate park i ripped my spleen so i had an internal bleeding. Becouse i dind't turned my steer al the way back. So i landed with my steer in my spleen. I contused three ribs my collarbone and my sternum. So yeah, that sucks. It was happenend at friday the 13. So it was a real accident number. ;)

That was it for now.

My hobby's
- BMXing
- Sailing
- Gaming
- Mapping
- Modeling

My accidents :P
- One broken wrist
- One ripped spleen
- One broken humerus
- One contused collarbone
- One contused sternum
- One contused neck
- One knock in my head
- Three contused ribs
- One closed down bowel
- One broken nose