"Inheritance of an object not of this world leads to an unexpected direction. Believe in fact, theory, or an unseen force? Decide now and run for your life."

"Alien abduction…a mysterious small steel ball…a young man adjusting to a lifetime of abruptly having to move, again and again…and strangers who seem to appear from nowhere trying to kill him—all of these blend seamlessly to make Alien Faith an innovative blend of science fiction, action-adventure, thriller, and romance, with sufficient twists and turns to satisfy any reader."

--Michael R. Collings, author of Singer of Lies, Wordsmith, and others 

  This is a fast paced, modern-day science fiction that has a very involving story. It is clean, meaning that it has no profanity or sexual encounters. Every scene is believable - meaning that it has no crazy stunts that you see in the movies that are inconsistent with the story line or have scenes that are so far fetched that you feel like you can't pay attention to it anymore. This book is currently only available on Kindle. Make sure that you check out the character bios under about the book at the left.

Please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions that you may have about the characters, the future of the series, and any other feedback you may have. I love to write and I take feedback from my readers seriously. If you have read it, thank you! It is a joy to know that my characters, scenes, and world that I have created have lived in you.

Please let me know how you feel about this book by emailing me at my first initial of my first name and my last name at gmail.com.



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