About Me

I am a currently a Software Engineer at Google in Mountain View, CA. I received my PhD from the CS department at Rutgers University in October 2013 under the supervision of Ahmed Elgammal.


  • Code for "Line-based relative pose estimation (CVPR2011) is now available.
  • Summer 2012 I am interning at Qualcomm Research Bridgewater
  • Summer 2011 I am interning at Google/Youtube as member of the team working on the youtube video editor.
  • Feb 2011 Our paper Line-Based Relative Pose Estimation was accepted for CVPR2011
  • Summer 2010 I interned at Technicolor Corporate Research located in Princeton. As a member of the 2D to 3D team, I worked on an automatic method for vertical alignment of a stereo pair, which will be used in post production of feature movies to cut down the time used for manual alignment. I also implemented an automatic disparity adjustment method for stereoscopic video.