President Of Avery Dennison Foundation

Alicia Procello Maddox – Interns Experience 

Every year we have the joy of going up against a secondary school understudy. It is continually compensating to work with youngsters, and to see your work and the world through their eyes. Here is the impression of the current year's assistant: 

My entry level position here at Avery Dennison has arrived at an end. It is my last day here and I can't resist the opportunity to feel a feeling of pity. I can unmistakably recollect the primary day I strolled into the Avery Dennison working in Glendale, California. My palms were sweating and I had "butterflies" in my stomach. I was to a great degree anxious; however that inclination did not keep going long. When I strolled through those glass entryways, I got this sentiment alleviation and energy. Each and every individual made me feel so welcome. I didn't anticipate that everybody will be so well disposed. Each time I strolled by somebody, they welcomed me with a grin; that was one thing I didn't expect in an office setting. 

In spite of the fact that, my entry level position just kept going a month, I feel that I have encountered and finished such a great amount amid this brief span. All through my opportunity here, one of the key ventures I handled was get ready and set-up for the representative occasion, "Takeaway Tuesday." I didn't anticipate that an organization will offer back to their staff as much as Avery Dennison does. Another venture that truly fascinated me was working with the Avery Dennison's "207 Green Team" to actualize a fertilizing the soil program in the building. I had an incredible time working with them, and finding out about all the new procedures they intend to dispatch in the building. The Green Team enabled me to see another side of the organization, one that I was not anticipating. The Green Team demonstrated to me that Avery Dennison is an organization that really thinks about maintainability and "enhancing the nature of all life." 

Numerous people made this experience something that I will recall forget. In the brief span that I was here, they figured out how to make me feel invited and a piece of the group. I am so thankful to have met these superb people since they rouse me. I can't thank everybody at this organization enough to make this an ordeal of a lifetime. 

This trip may just have been a month, however I am sure that I will recall forget the time I spent at Avery Dennison.

By Alicia Maddox