Bungalow for Two 

our adventures in homeownership 

On May 30th, we will be closing on our very first home.  It's a 1600 sq. ft. brick bungalow built in 1947 and located in one of our favorite neighborhoods in our town.  We will be the home's third owners.

The home is in a historic district so we are limited on what we can do to the exterior appearance.  I would like to paint the white areas of the exterior a warm tan.  I may paint the door, too. 

There's a LOT of work to be done, as the last owner has been in the house for 46 years.

The Living Room

Upon walking into the door , you enter the living room.  We love it because it's bright and sunny.  Our current home is older (1920's) and is rather dark most of the day because the front faces west.  This living room faces south and gets lots of great sun.  

 While the window treatments come with the house, we will be changing them.  I'd like to make the most of the somewhat short windows and put in floor length curtains. 

We have a sage green couch that we plan to use in this room.  I'm thinking of painting the walls some form of brown, but I have no idea what shade yet. 

 You can see that the hardwood floors have had rugs on top of them and they are in great shape.   On the other side of the living room is the kitchen.  You might also have noticed that we have hot water heat. :) You can see the little built in cabinet and drawers near the entrance.  I think I will use these a lot. 

The Kitchen 

On your way in.


These pictures aren't great, but they show the whole kitchen.  I'm really not sure what to do with the cabinets/counter tops/floors. There is a distinct possibility that there is hard wood under the flooring.  That linoleum did not exist when the house was built and there is wood in all the closets.  

The biggest thing we have to decide on is paint.   

The cabinets are hard wood and in good shape.  I would like to stain them cherry and have a light counter top, but I don't think that would work with white appliances.  I don't mind terribly the idea of a white kitchen, but I'd rather not paint over good wood if I don't have to.  

On the opposite wall from the sink and dishwasher is a free-standing storage unit that the current owner had built for the kitchen.  I may put glass doors on the shelves and replace the counter top with butcher board to add extra cutting space.  For now, I will store my cook books there, and you know I'm putting a mirror where that picture is.  :)

The Dining Room

Behind the refrigerator is the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room.  This wall is not load-bearing and I will eventually take it down.  I think it will open up both spaces and become a place we spend a lot of time.  For now, we plan to paint in here as well.  It's also bright and sunny.

You can see the backyard from these double windows.  Someday, I would like to convert these windows into French doors that open to a deck. :)  Someday. 

The dining and living rooms connect to this hallway which connects the two bedrooms and the bathroom, completing the main floor.  (This is facing towards the master bedroom next to the dining room.) 

The Bedrooms 

The bedrooms are the same size, but we plan to use the one in the back for our bedroom because it faces northwest and away from the street.  It's small, but we'll make do.


The spare bedroom. (Sorry for the weird angle, but you get the idea)

 The Bathroom

aka my nightmare

These pictures aren't very good because I would have had to stand in the bathtub to get the other side of the room in.  It's cramped.  There's only a tub.  The only outlet is on the light fixture.  Did I mention it's covered in baby pink and blue tile? 

Yea, that's a soap dish tile.


I want to gut the entire thing.  I need to add up the costs for everything and see if we can tackle it before we move in. 


Half of our basement is finished.  Here's the unfinished half with the washer and dryer, and a 1 and 3/4 bath.  It's...rustic, but livable.

 Thankfully, we love the finished part of the basement.  There is wainscoting around the entire room and there are tons of built-in bookshelves. 

   There's also a wood-burning fireplace.  It needs work to be safe to use.  We're not sure yet when we'll do that.