Alice J. Kang

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science,
Institute for Ethnic Studies/African and African-American Studies,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Affiliate, Women's and Gender Studies

511 Oldfather Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588
akang2 (at)

I teach and conduct research on comparative politics with a regional focus on Africa. Instead of seeing Africa as weak or ungoverned, I am interested in the diverse and dynamic realities under which African women and men seek to improve their lives. My work has examined women's activism in Niger, the adoption of gender quotas, women in national legislatures, and the mobilization of women across borders in Africa. My next book project is a collaborative one that explores why some countries have appointed more women to high courts than have others and at different points in time (funded by the National Science Foundation).

Before joining UNL, I obtained my PhD in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to that, I worked for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) in Washington, D.C. and served as a Peace Corps community health volunteer in Sourgoubila, Burkina Faso.


Kang, Alice. 2015. Bargaining for Women's Rights: Activism in an Aspiring Muslim Democracy. University of Minnesota Press.  [UMN Press]    [Amazon]    [IndieBooks]    
       [Introduction PDF], posted with permission

     Reviewed in CHOICE

Journal Articles

Escobar-Lemmon, Maria, Valerie Hoekstra, Alice Kang, and Miki Kittilson. 2016. "Just the Facts? Media Coverage of Female and Male High Court Appointees in Five Democracies." Politics & Gender 12 (2): 254-74. [Contact author for an earlier version]

Dawuni, Josephine and Alice Kang. 2015. "Her Ladyship Chief Justice: The Rise of Female Leaders in the Judiciary in Africa." Africa Today 62 (5): 45-69. [Open-access PDF]

Kang, Alice. 2013. "The Effect of Gender Quota Laws on the Election of Women: Lessons from Niger." Women's Studies International Forum 41 (2): 94-102. [Open-access PDF]

Kang, Alice. 2009
"Studying Oil, Islam, and Women as if Political Institutions Mattered." Politics & Gender 5 (4): 560-68. [Open-access PDF]

Tripp, Aili Mari and Alice Kang. 2008. "The Global Impact of Quotas: On the Fast Track to Increased Female Legislative Representation." Comparative Political Studies 41 (3): 338-61. [Open-access PDF]  [Excel data] | [Stata data] | [Codebook]

Adams, Melinda and Alice Kang. 2007. "Women’s Regional Advocacy Networks and the African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women."
 Politics & Gender
3 (3): 451-74. [Open-access PDF]

Book Chapters

Kang, Alice. 2016. "Benin: Women Judges Promoting Women's Rights." In Gender and the Judiciary in Africa: From Obscurity to Parity?, edited by Gretchen Bauer and Josephine Dawuni. New York: Routledge

Kang, Alice. 2014. "
How Civil Society Represents Women: Feminists, Catholics, and Mobilization Strategies in Africa." In Representation: The Case of Women, edited by Maria Escobar-Lemmon and Michelle Taylor-Robinson. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 137-57. [Open-access PDF]


Maria Escobar-Lemmon, Valerie Hoekstra, Miki Kittilson, and Alice Kang. "Collaborative Research on Diffusing Equality:International Influences on Women’s Appointment to High Courts." National Science Foundation Grant SES 1323949, 2013-16. [Website]


Undergraduate courses
Introduction to Africa (ETHN 203) Fall 2015
   Conflict and Development in Africa (POLS/ETHN 375) Spring 2015
   African Politics (Honors, POLS 395H) Spring 2012
   Women and Politics (POLS/WMNS 338) Spring 2015

   Democracy and Citizenship (POLS 400)
Fall 2015
   Politics of Development, at UW-Madison Fall 2008

Graduate courses
   Comparative Core Seminar (POLS 879)
Fall 2014
   Comparative Research Seminar (POLS 979) Spring 2013


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