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boys toys age 1
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  • "?1" (read "Infinity Ichi"; translated as "Infinity 1") is Do As Infinity's twenty-first single, released on June 17, 2009. The band had disbanded in September 2005, but reformed three years later in September 2008.
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*TAGGED* Wish I could photoshop it.. at least a wee bit..
*TAGGED* Wish I could photoshop it.. at least a wee bit..
Time to play/pay it forward Aside from the obvious and things that you already know about me, here are my 15: 1. No reasoning ability, and unable to remain awake... it is preferred that I do not have to walk or talk frequently. Inable to remain sober on the job. I'm joking, I KID!! ;) 2. I have sheer lust for classic rock. I like Indie and electronic music too, but CCR, The Doors, The Dead, Rolling Stones, getting the Led out... 3. I really dig exotic house plants;) I have a 15 ft long philodendron, tall indoor palm tree, 2 dragon trees, etc. 4. Happiness is watching my husband and two little boys dancing to techno with toy robots (and why do all little kids LOVE techno?) 5. I <3 iroNY 6. I love good design; Interior, fashion and graphic design.. face-ups.. They all matter. 7. Aged 19 I got that 'run for the mountains' look in my eyes and moved to the Canadian Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, BC) permanently at age 21. I love hiking and snowboarding. 8. One of my newest lusts, food-wise is BBQ pear with a teaspoon of brown sugar, almond slices and grated mozarella.. omg, yum! 9. I despise waiting in line anywhere. Ok, ironic confession: I cut in line at the Vatican lol. But I was pregnant and had to GO! lol 10. I dislike Mornings. I am not a morning person. At all. Night owl with two thumbs over here. 11. I've been writing my memoire for 4 yrs now and I am not finished... but it's a daunting task. 12. I don't like to wear much make-up. I was once called 'too granola' at a law office with 150+ employees. 13. Just say no to jazz fusion: esp saxophone players who play their noise.. they should have their fingers cut off.. mob-style ;) (Jazz fusion is not to be confused with jazz, or dub, funk, electronica, roots, folk - which I respect and also enjoy) 13. I used to follow the band Phish around for quite awhile. From New York to California. Partial namesake of our first son named, 'Trey'. 15. I dislike it when ppl point out silly errors that don't effect much of anything. (is that You? Did #14 piss you off? ;) I recently sent out a resume with a typo -not a spelling error- and I believe that is the only reason why I haven't heard back YET.. But they don't really even know me. And I don't really even know you all that well.. So it's your turn...15 unknown things about ya. Please tag me back so I can read, learn and enjoy <3 +Thanks for reading <3
Doc 44783 Enuresis Record page (1)
Doc 44783 Enuresis Record page (1)
Bedwetting One of the many items that were recorded during the time a child stayed in The National Children's Home. Now we are grown up, we can see what is in our file from 40 or more years ago, it was a suprise to many who get their files that so much of our time in care was recorded, even how often we wet the bed. Date of event Age in Years and Months S=Sanction (punishment) if applied (slipper) Initials of Houseparent. Before the Houseparent took over in September 1966, the original Sister who had 21 years of experiences in looking after boys, had decided that punishments over such matters did little good, if only the Sister had stayed at the Home for another two years....... ----------------- Even on Christmas Day there was to be no forgivness over such an act. On waking up, our stockings were at the end of our beds, there were a couple of small toys, an orange, a few nuts and boiled sweets, and a few other items. It was about the only time we were allowed to eat in our bedroom. Then on getting up, the day started with a slippering from the Houseparent, on Christmas Morning, she could haved relaxed for just one day. Whilst the others were running about eager to have breakfast and see what other toys there were there was the task of washing out my sheets once I had finished my bath, then hanging them out to dry, been in tears first thing after the slipper did not make Christmas much fun.

boys toys age 1
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