Best Toys For A 5 Year Old Boy

best toys for a 5 year old boy
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[207-366] Mood
[207-366] Mood
Today I feel intense! July 25th (207/366) For FGR "Mood Swings" want to get to know me better? well my friend read on... 1. I am going to school to be an art teacher (K-12) 2. I am a faithful and devout mac user 3. My favorite food is cereal... nothing sugary though... cheerios are the ultimate! 4. I want to move to London or some small town in Italy and start a new life 5. I am 24 years old, but I act more like a 12 year old... it is wonderful :) 6. My first job was hostessing at a restaurant called friar tuck's, where the waitresses dressed like friars... i had to wear nylons, it was awful! 7. Everyone I know teases me for collecting toys... mainly my little ponies. 8. I think I am addicted to receiving mail 9. I fall in love easily and often. Usually with boys who would best be described as "awesomely nerdy" 10. The first concert I ever went to was New Kids on the Block 11. Insomnia and I have become very close lately :( 12. after 2 years I just yesterday figured out how to use my crappy camera better 13. speaking of cameras... I am insanely jealous of all ya'll with the fancy nikon 5millionD's and the like!! I might mug someone for their camera 14. It might make me nerdy, but I really want to make explore!! 15. I really like taco bell.... mostly because it tastes the same everytime. I find comfort in consistency. 16. It has been two years since my dad died and I feel like people expect me to be "over it" but I cry everyday.... sometimes I think this might not be normal. 17. I spent my 21st birthday alone out to dinner with my dad, at the time I felt like a loser. But now I wouldn't trade that night for anything! 20. I really like to wear brooches, old ones usually 21. I always laugh at fart jokes... 22. "thats what she said" has kind of turned me into a perv, I can't help it it makes everything sound dirty!! 23. I check my ceiling for bugs every night before I go to bed, If I see something a can not sleep until it is smooshed 24. I am really excited about becoming a grown up and getting married someday. I think I will make a bad wife because I don't like cooking or cleaning. I don't mind laundry though... *Edit* did anyone else notice I left out 18 and 19? cause I didn't notice until now... haha
77/365 of 2009: A Trip To The Doctors.....
77/365 of 2009: A Trip To The Doctors.....
My poor Hunter is sick again - ear infections - which he has been suffering from since birth. Hopefully this summer we will remedy this situation.... But, fortunately we have a wonderful pediatrician. So wonderful that we drive a good 20 miles out of our way just to have him treat our children. What we like about him is, he is a good doctor - but, connects so well with the kids. My kids never get upset when they have to go see Dr. Berk.... even when they know it's not for just a "well visit". So, today Hunter is seen and Dr. Berk gives him a gag toy (which he's famous for). He gives Hunter "Dr. Fart"... which as you can imagine does exactly that - "farts"! lol For a boy just approaching 5 years old, this is the best toy on the planet! Dr. Berk told Hunter to stick it in his pocket and go up to his teacher and make it go off.... hmmm.... great.... I can hear the phone call now..... "Ms. Mitchell... your son.... bla bla bla"..... Well at least I have a good sense of humor :) And Hunter will be better in a few days with a new toy to keep him happy!

best toys for a 5 year old boy
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