One of my favorite things about Children's books are the amazing illustrations and artwork.  During a slow day at the library one day, I discovered that my branch owned many different versions of Alice in Wonderland and this is how I discovered the artwork of Helen Oxenbury.  As part of an enhancement for an Alice in Wonderland Pathfinder I have decided to create a small page devoted to this illustrator/author.  This pathfinder enhancement would be suitable for children in grades 3-5 and would work perfectly in a class that has been discussing Lewis Carroll's book.  I think that, along with the stories themselves, it is important to introduce children to the work of many artists who make these books "come alive".  This teaches them that it is not only the writer who is important, but also the person (or people) that make the books we read more beautiful and enjoyable. 

Some enhancement ideas to use for this discussion are as follows:

Explore the Artwork

Learn About the Illustrator
Compare other Works
Make Your Own Art