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Google Sites Activities

What else can you think of?

  • Practice adding pages and content. 
  • Add 4 pages representing the different file types (i.e. web page, list page, announcement page, file page .)
  • Play with changing page layouts
  • On your home page, use gadgets to bring content to the front of your web site. Practice embedding documents, presentations, videos, and more. Check out the Insert menu. 
  • See if you can insert the following:
    • an image
    • a YouTube video
    • a Google Map
    • a Doc, Spreadsheet, Form, or Presentation
    • a Calendar
    • a Gadget
Taking Your Site to the Next Level:
  • Experiment with some of the new fonts that are available through the new interface. 
  • Experiment with horizontal navigation within Google sites. It can provide you more real estate in the prime area of your site. Try also adding a custom banner that will give your site a better look across the top of the page. Examples to the right!
  • Try out some of the new page level permissions that are available in Google sites. This can prove to be very beneficial on how you can setup your sites in the future.
  • Google Sites now has the option to view videos found within Google Docs. No longer will you need the option for Google Video, you can embed (and have them automatically converted for web viewing) straight into Google Docs and sites. Upload a video to Google Docs and then embed into Google Sites.