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queen ringtone
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queen ringtone - Queen 40
Queen 40 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set
Queen 40 Limited Edition Collector's Box Set
Exclusive to Amazon Customers: Queen's first five studio albums remastered in deluxe reissue editions with rare bonus material all in one collectible box with a 24 panel Poster for the ultimate Queen fan.
Albums included in the box:
Queen II
Sheer Heart Attack
A Night At the Opera
A Day At the Races
Queen's 40th anniversary is now upon us, and the band plans to pull out all the stops to celebrate this historic occasion. This yearlong event will be marked by a series of releases, re-releases, special limited-edition items and events around the world. As the centerpiece in the 40th anniversary celebration, Queen's studio catalog is being reissued in a series of deluxe editions. Every note is being tweaked, every piece of artwork is being cleaned, freshened up and resourced, wherever necessary, with the legendary Bob Ludwig doing the remastering, working from the original source material.
Each studio album will be released in a new two-CD edition, the first containing the updated, remastered original LP, the second disc packed with rarities--and we don't use the term lightly. Some of these gems have never before seen the light of day, even in crappy bootleg form. To cite a particularly fascinating example, five first-album demos recorded at London's De Lane Lea Studios in December 1971 were pulled from the only existing copy on the planet--an acetate from May's personal archives. Not even his bandmates had a copy. And now they can be yours in this fan centric box set only available at Amazon.

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Misella Popovic, 20
Misella Popovic, 20
[Union Square] Best thing about New York in the summer: “I love that it’s so crazy, that it’s always buzzing, that everyone’s outside.” Worst thing about New York in the summer: “The horrible pick-up lines.” Dating scene: “I’ve had a boyfriend for four years. He lives in Queens. He’s so un-city you can’t even get him to come into the city.” Ringtone: “Fantasy”, by Mariah Carey Home: Queens Parents are from: Serbia Plans: “I am a model and an R & B singer. I hope to sign a record deal with A & R Universal this fall. Here’s my card.”
Good girls go bad
Good girls go bad
No es la mejor combinacion eveeeeeeeeer! Leighton & Cobra Starship, amo a Gossip Girl y Queen B, is the best Bitch ever. la escucharon? es buenisima, es mi ringtone, mi alama, mi sonido de mensajes, todo en mi cel, hasta mi hermanita la canta. No puedo esperar por el video y por Hot Mess, se viene con todo!

queen ringtone