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nextel ringtone promo
    nextel ringtone
  • (Nextel ringtones) Sprint Nextel Corporation is a telecommunications company based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company owns and operates the third largest wireless telecommunications network in United States, with 48.2 million customers, behind Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility.
  • Moonsorrow is a pagan/folk metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 1995. The band call their sound "epic heathen metal" and try to distance themselves from the term "viking metal" as much as possible, as the vast majority of their lyrics do not concern Vikings, since they are Finnish, not Norse.
  • Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of slang, in-references, and jargon. Much of it stems from the industry's origins in the days of carnivals and circuses, and the slang itself is often referred to as "carny talk.
  • A piece of publicity or advertising, esp. in the form of a short film or video
  • short for promotion
nextel ringtone promo - Show Sold
Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts
Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts
It is virtually impossible to watch a movie or TV show without preconceived notions because of the hype that precedes them, while a host of media extensions guarantees them a life long past their air dates. An onslaught of information from print media, trailers, internet discussion, merchandising, podcasts, and guerilla marketing, we generally know something about upcoming movies and TV shows well before they are even released or aired. The extras, or “paratexts,” that surround viewing experiences are far from peripheral, shaping our understanding of them and informing our decisions about what to watch or not watch and even how to watch before we even sit down for a show.
Show Sold Separately gives critical attention to this ubiquitous but often overlooked phenomenon, examining paratexts like DVD bonus materials for The Lord of the Rings, spoilers for Lost, the opening credits of The Simpsons, Star Wars actions figures, press reviews for Friday Night Lights, the framing of Batman Begins, the videogame of The Thing, and the trailers for The Sweet Hereafter. Plucking these extra materials from the wings and giving them the spotlight they deserve, Jonathan Gray examines the world of film and television that exists before and after the show.

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Promo pack
Promo pack
A little promo pack which I will send to my customers (till they run out). It includes some little stickers and handmade trinkets as well as business cards of myself and other Etsyients. If you want to add something to this pack, please contact me :o)
XL promo pack
XL promo pack
The special huge promo pack for my new post holidays special. I only made 5 of these.

nextel ringtone promo
nextel ringtone promo
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