Welcome to the ALIA Students and New Graduates Job Help!

People sometimes ask us, "Can you help me with my resume?" or "How do I write key selection criteria?" If you have asked your library friends these questions, then this page is for you.

This is a hub to find job hunting resources. It is not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully provide you with enough information to tackle the task of job hunting with confidence. It will be updated as we discover new and useful resources, so feel free to provide feedback!

The information contained on this page does not necessarily reflect the views of ALIA or the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group. Please use these resources for information-gathering purposes, and to help you think how best to promote yourself to potential employers.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments please contact us at alia.sngg.rrs@gmail.com.

Below you can also find events organized or supported by the ALIA Students and New Graduates Group that can help you grow your network and support your job hunt.

Happy job hunting!

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