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Lexia Power UP

Students, Click on the Image or Link below to sign in to Lexia

Lexia Power UP Logo

How to log on:

1. Click on the link above to go to the website.  The Lexia website should look like this:

2. Enter your Login Information:

Lexia Power Up Literacy

Use your AMS204 gmail username.  Your email login is your name before the "" part.  

For example, if your email is: 
your email login for Lexia would be:    ClaKen123       
Do no include the "" portion.

Your password is your AMS204 Google account.  For example, your password is Sz65254#. For students who have the " or & symbol as the last character in your password, do not include that symbol for your Lexia password.

For example if your password is Kvrbw& you only need to write Kvrbw

If you don't know what your Google password is, ask your Homeroom teacher or your Lexia teacher.