Infinite Campus: 

New Campus Portal App for Students and Parents
There will be a *NEW* Infinite Campus Portal App for both Students and Parents 
(two different apps; one for Students, one for Parents)

Infinite Campus Grades
Students and Parents!
There are two opportunities each quarter to view your most up to date grades via Infinite Campus.

Quarter 1 - Monday Aug 27 and Monday Sept 17
Quarter 2 - Monday Nov 5 and Monday Dec 3
Quarter 3 - Monday Jan 28 and Monday Feb 25
Quarter 4 - Monday April 15 and Monday May 6

Click on the image or link below to access Infinite Campus
Notice: Parents, make sure you are using your parent login, not your child's, to view their grades. 
Infinite Campus Portal Login Image
Notice: Parents, make sure you are using your parent login, not your child's, to view their grades.

Infinite Campus Portal Log In:

STUDENTS logging in the first time:
Username: 10-digit student ID number
Password: Default password is 
first initial of first name (lowercase) + first initial of last name (lower case) + birthday in mmddyy

For example:
Student Name: Clark Kent
Student ID number: 2045179312
Birthday: June 18, 2006 
The username would be: 2045179312
The password would be: ck061806

Need your Student ID Information?
Students, see your homeroom teacher for help with login and/or password information!  


Logging onto this web-based system will permit you to view the following real-time information about your child:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Class Schedules
  • Assignments

Did you know that you can access Infinite Campus on your Smart Phone?
*Setup must be done through a browser before the mobile app can be set up

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the address of the portal? 
What is our District ID to access the Mobile App?
The Hawaii State DOE Schools all have the same District ID.  It is Hawaii
Are there directions for students to gain access information?
Yes, click on the direct link above to the student activation directions file.

What is the difference between the student and parent portals?
The parent portal gives the ability to view all of their children(s) grades through one account.

I still have some questions about Infinite Campus who can I contact?
Please send inquiries and questions to:   *In order to verify your account, please include the student name, student ID number and AMS204 email address.

Student Portal Activation Directions Preview