Food Menu:                                                                         

***NOTICE TO PARENTS*** (January 18, 2018)

Dear Parents and Guardians, 
The Hawaii Department of Education's (HIDOE), School Food Services Branch is transitioning the electronic meal accounting system statewide to Harris School Solutions eTrition. It is a system that will allow for the seamless transfer of student balances within HIDOE schools, as your child progresses from elementary through high school.

Currently, student eligibility and balance data is being transferred to eTrition from the current PrimeroEdge (schoolcafe) system. Harris School Solutions eTrition's eligibility notification letters, balance reminders, and receipts may look a little different as your child's school transitions into the new system from January 22, 2018 through April 20, 2018.

Please be aware that beginning January 22, 2018 you will no longer have the capability to make meal balances electronically through schoolcafe. During this cut-over, we ask that you make all meal deposits to your child's account directly to the school that your child attends. If you currently make online deposits through school cafe, and have the reoccurring automatic deposit feature enabled, please login and be certain to turn this feature off.

We anticipate that once the first phase of this transition is complete, and all meal balances and student eligibility statuses are verified for accuracy, a new online payment system will be reintroduced. This system will allow families to make online deposits to meal accounts (for a nominal convenience fee) again, as well as view your child's deposits and purchases.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work towards giving families more accessibility and control over their child's meal accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call the School Food Services Branch at (808) 733-8400.

Free or Reduced Meals Information
Applications for Free or Reduced Meals can be picked up at the Front Office.  Applications were also distributed to all students via homeroom during the first week of school.

Breakfast / Lunch Payment Information
*Prepayments for student accounts are accepted daily from 7:30am to 2pm. 

*Please note that monies must be deposited by 9:00am to the lunch payment box located in the front office in order to count for that day*  Cash only, please.

*(Milk served with every meal / menu subject to change without notice)

*No loans provided by school.
 ID cards are mandatory for all purchases. Replacement ID cards are made with a $7.00 fee


Breakfast (as of 4/17/2015):

Regular student breakfast: $1.10
Reduced price student breakfast: $0.30
Second and subsequent student breakfast: $2.40
Adult breakfast: $2.40
Free*: (for qualified students)

Lunch (as of 4/17/2015):

Regular student lunch: $2.50
Reduced price student lunch: $0.40
Second student entree: $2.00
Second student lunch: $5.50
Adult lunch: $5.50
Free*: (for qualified students)

*(In order to qualify for free or reduced lunch, a lunch application must be filled out properly and returned to school. Applications will be provided via student portfolios given during the first week of school or available at the front office.)