Registration Office Hours:                                         

Welcome future Aliamanu Middle Students and Parents!

The Registration Office is located inside the main Administration building.  Office hours are from:
8:00am - 11:30am, Monday to Friday

All incoming students normally start school the day after completing registration.

A map of our school campus is here: Click to view Aliamanu Middle School Campus Map

Parking is available in the open lot behind the administration building (adjacent to Salt Lake Blvd).

Transition Center

The new student experience begins in the Transition Center with an orientation and campus tour.  Student guides (Aikane Buddies) show the new students where their classes will be and introduce them to their teachers.  Students spend the first couple of mornings in the Transition Center to go over campus procedures and do baseline testing and then attend classes for the rest of the school day.  Students are always welcome to return to the Transition Center anytime there are questions or just to visit.

Registration Guide: