Support for Parents

The Department has developed parent support opportunities through its Community Children’s Councils (for special needs children) and its Student Support Branch (providing socio-emotional supports and training for staff in schools). Several nonprofit family service agencies in Hawaii also provide needed outreach to low-income families.

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Posted 01/19/2017

Military & DOD
Civilian Youth Ages
Ages 10-18

Staying home alone can be difficult for our youth and cause considerable worry for families.  While it is never possible to guarantee that youth will be safe when left by themselves, or to give a specific age when staying home alone is developmentally acceptable, there are some guidelines, practices, and safety skills that will help.  These skills will enhance the experience and improve the physical, social, and emotional safety of youth alone at home.
Our instructors will teach participants the important skills necessary to stay home alone.  Participants will receive hands-on training in a fun learning environment using imALONE curriculum.  The imALONE program is free to all CYS Services registered participants.

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Posted 01/19/2017

10 Things Parents Should Know About For U.S. Military Families
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